So you think you know what a Kiwi is?

In USA the first thing that springs to mind is the fruit. But the fruit was named after the reference residents of the country it came from give themselves, and that came from a unique native bird. In New Zealand, we don’t call the fruit “Kiwi,” like you all in the USA. We call it … Continue reading

Separation Anxiety

“I pick you as a stoic…you’re saying you don’t have much pain, but I’m pretty sure your toe is broken.” So said the doctor when I went to see her with a bruised,  swollen and sore toe, the result of an unexpected, brief but violent liaison with the base of the sofa. She was right … Continue reading

Living a double life

It’s true – I’m living a double life! My world-class love affair means that all up I have spent five months of the past 12 in the USA, the rest back here in Australia. I now have two addresses, two mobile phones and associated numbers, two plugs for my laptop, a wardrobe split in half, … Continue reading

What about wellbeing?

Wellbeing. Its a good word. Being well. What does ‘well’ mean? Absence of unwell-ness? Vibrant health in mind, body, heart and soul? I think that’s the one that resonates best with me, and is certainly what I am forever seeking and being mindful of. Always a teetering and tottering of the scales of balance, and … Continue reading

Stuff and nonsense

So sometime this year I will be moving to the USA to be with my love. Visa pending, timeframe as long or short as a piece of string. Meantime I am living with my friend, working nearby, while my STUFF is in storage in her garage. To give me a guide ahead of time, I … Continue reading

Long-distance love

Okay so I know we’re not the first couple in the world to have a long-distance relationship. I’m picking its happening more and more often with the ease of travel and/or communication channels these days. Certainly because my radar is up for it, I’m hearing many stories of people who are doing or have done … Continue reading

The great adventure called love

Today I realised that I’ve been feeling like Charlotte in the Sex & the City movie. It was at the end of a walk in the early autumn-leaved woods with my honey. We got there early after dropping his daughter off at school. Rock Creek Park in DC is en route between her school and … Continue reading

The leader of the free world and me

One of the ways to learn about a country is to tune into the politics and with America heading towards an election its almost impossible to avoid right now. This is a big time of choice in America – a real contest between going backward or moving forward (no prizes for guessing what side of … Continue reading

Domestic bliss

The reason I’m in USA is due to love. I went and met an American man you see. Not exactly in the life plan, but often the best things in life aren’t the things you can imagine ahead of time. So just when I thought I’d be quietening and simplifying my life by moving to … Continue reading